Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pie Dough Apple Strudel

This is almost exactly like an apple pie, just in strudel form/shape. I think the dried fruit in this recipe really makes it pop, providing a nice contrast between tender apples, flaky pastry and chewy craisins. It also travels really well and can be eaten without a fork, unlike traditional apple pie. It's not as pretty, but I can live with that.

I used my favorite apples: granny smith. A lot of people find them too tart to be eaten out of hand but I love their bite and sharp, juicy crispness. Perfect for pie too!

Pie Dough Apple Strudel
12 servings | Marcy Goldman of

2 cups flour
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup shortening, cold
1/2 cup butter, cold
4-6 tbsp ice water

6 cups sliced apples
1/2 cup dried cranberries and/or dried chopped apricots
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp lemon juice

Combine dry pastry ingredients. Pulse in shortening and butter until resembles coarse crumbs. Pulse in ice water, just enough to form a dough that holds together. Refrigerate covered at least 1 hr or up to overnight.

Toss all filling ingredients together in a large bowl.

Divide dough into 2 equal portions. Roll out each one out as thin as you can, about 9 x 12 inches. Transfer to rimmed cookie sheet. Spread 1/2 filling down the long end of each. Roll up, flattening slightly. It's ok if some fillig peeks through. Cut slits down the length of each to vent apples. Brush with milk and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake at 375F for 25 minutes, rotate pan then bake another 20 minutes at 350F or until golden brown and filling is bubbly.


MaryMoh said...

Mmmm.....would be perfect for me now with a cup of hot coffee. I love desserts with apples. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I love the idea of using pie dough for a strudel. I usually use phyllo when not usin 'real' strudel dough a la the Daring Bakers challenge last It looks so flaky and beautiful :)

grace said...

well, hot diggity! i just adore apple desserts, but pies are clearly the best. this is a unique twist on a classic and it looks and sounds wonderful! and hey--the fact that i can eat this without having to dirty up dishes makes it even better. :)

The Cookbook Apprentice said...

This looks delicious! I've made one strudel with a a very traditional recipe. The dough was fun to play with but the recipe that I made was pretty bland.

Jeannette said...

um, this looks delish. i might be making this tonight. using granny smiths. because they are also my faaaaave!