Monday, June 25, 2012

Jell-O Orange Wedges

I love this! Great for a birthday party or potluck. It is usually done with orange flavored gelatin powder but it is so much more fun to mix up the flavors for a fun rainbow of colors. If you have kids, they could easily help.

Jell-O Orange Wedges
adapted from Pinterest

8-9 medium oranges
4 (85 g) boxes fruit flavored gelatin powder (various flavors)
2 1/2 cups boiling water

1. Slice the fruit cleanly in half lengthwise (through the axis). Carefully remove the pulp while keeping the half rind fully intact. Ensure that the rinds are fully dry.

2. Set each half rind upright in a muffin pan so you can fill it with Jell-o.

3. Mix the water with the gelatin. You'll want the Jello a little firmer than normal so it holds it shape in the orange wedges.

4. Make sure that the gelatin is well dissolved, and then pour it into the orange halves, filling as high as you can. The Jell-o will shrink a bit when cooling. Carefully transfer to the fridge and let set for about three hours (overnight is best).

5. When the Jello is set, place the fruit open-side down on a cutting board, hold it's shape with one hand and carefully slice in half lengthwise again to form quarters. Be careful not to crush the fruit. A serrated knife is helpful for this.


Sharon said...

You didn't reply back to my email :(

Tia said...

oh no... i didn't get any email from you... can you put "buttercreambarbie" in the subject of the email in case it goes to junk? sorry :)

Sawsan@ chef in disguise said...

I love this idea, my kids would go wild if they saw this and the best part is that we can make it together

Angela, Herself said...

Brilliant! These are so cool looking. My kids would love these.

Elisabeth said...

What a genius idea, and from Pinterest?! The kids will go wild over this fun and yummy treats. Will try it for sure!

Anonymous said...

What do you suggest for the orange pulp?

Tia the Baker said...

perhaps you could use it in an orange cake? or make juice, or just eat it :)