Monday, January 18, 2010

Crispy Cheddar Stars

I have been going through baking/sugar withdrawal. This girl at work decided to implement a 2 week "Sugar Free Workzone" thing so she can squeeze into her bikini. Normally our workplace is crawling with candy - jujubes, jellybeans and a constant stream of munchies. I love being able to bring in my baked creations since there is no way my family could eat them all as fast as I bake them. I had to get my baking fix somehow, so I made these crunchy cracker-ish cheese stars. Not too diet-friendly, but at least they don't break any of the sugar-free rules! They're really just crispy cheese held together by a bit of dough. Yum!

The recipe I followed was from Taste of Home. It was supposed to be for Crisp Cheese Twists but the dough was too crumbly to twist so they followed the cookie cutter route instead. The cheddar flavor is awesome despite me not using aged (I used medium) cheddar. You don't even need any dip or spread although they'd go great with a herb & garlic cream cheese.

Let me just tell you, I can't wait until the sugar-ban is lifted! Does anyone have the same problem I do - Baking faster and more frequently than people can eat? Who do you give your baked goods to? What do you do with them?


Deborah said...

I love sugar, but I'd love these just as much, I think!

Crispy Munchies said...

Yup, that Crispy Munchies sandwich is making me hungry.Oh my...I could really go for some fresh baked ciabatta and delicious pesto smothered seafood right now.