Monday, December 7, 2009

Deep Fried Wontons

I used my new deep fryer for the first time! I have a Presto 1L deep fryer which I bought on Black Friday. I feel kinda trashy saying that I bought a deep fryer! LOL -

These days with everyone being health-conscious and intently watching their food intakes I feel guilty for indulging in the act of deep-frying. But, truth be told, I am in love. I'm keenly on the lookout for deep fried food recipes since all I can think about is using it again and swooning about the goodies I can make with my new favorite appliance.

I made deep fried wontons last night and they turned out so crispy and perfect that I just had to blog about them (even though they are not a dessert and this blog was meant to be mainly for sweets). These wontons would be great as an appetizer too. Heated up in the toaster oven the second day they are just as crisp and delicious. Surprisingly, they were not too time consuming to make and wrap and since you can prep them ahead of time and freeze them, they could even become part of a quick and easy weeknight menu!

Fried Wontons
Makes approx. 50 | Adapted from Joy of Cooking

1 pound ground pork or chicken
4 stalks scallion, finely minced
2 tbsp corn starch
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 teaspoons rice vinegar
2 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoons sesame oil
1 tsp salt and pepper
1/2 cup water chestnuts, finely chopped (or celery)
4 tbsp minced carrot

1 pkg wonton wrappers, covered with a damp towel (I used about 50 pcs)
1 egg, beaten

Combine all ingredients except for wonton wrappers and egg.
Working in batches of 10, place a teaspoon of filling in th emiddle of each wonton skin. Moisten edges of wrapper with beateh egg and fold the corners together to form a little pouch. Place in a large bowl while you fill the rest of them. (At this point they can be frozen and cooked at a later date).
To fry: Heat oil to 375 degrees F and place wontons in for about 4-5 minutes per batch or until cooked through. They will be a dark golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towel.
***Alternatively, for a healthier meal, you could make wonton soup. Boil these instead in chicken stock until they are cooked.


Cathy said...

A deep-fryer is the one kitchen gadget I do not own....but I am re-thinking that after seeing these delicious looking wontons. Wonder if baking them would work as well?

Darina said...

If I had a deep fryer I'd be using it all the time. I love fried foods. You know, I read that if you fry something at the proper temperature it actually retains less fat than by sauteeing. Good to keep in mind. The won tons look delish!

Anonymous said...

Can I deep fry frozen wonton in a regular small-size soup pan? I don't have a deep fryer, planned to borrow it from my friend but she has the small size deep fry which does not come with that wire basket as pictured in your blog :(

Tia said...

@ Anonymous - You can definitely fry in a regular pan, doesn't have to be a special deep fryer appliance. I actually always fry in my 5 qt. dutch oven these days, or a heavy pot. Fill 2-3" oil. You want a heavy pot so that it retains the heat and isn't prone to temperature fluctuations. Just use a candy/deep fry thermometer and make sure the oil is at 375 degrees when you fry and try to keep it at that heat throughout.

The temp will drop when you add the raw wontons so wait for it to return to 375 between batches.

You could also pan-fry them which takes less oil. Just fill with 1" oil, heat it up, add the wontons then turn them to brown the other side halfway through.

I use a very fine strainer and strain the fully cooled oil afterwards into an airtight jar and store in a dark place. In this way you can get a few uses out of the oil for deep frying, as long as the oil doesn't have strong odors.

Good luck - let me know how they turn out :)